About Us

Beach NinjaVolleyball Club is a year-round Beach Volleyball Club that offers an in-depth beach program for athletes focused on developing and advancing their beach volleyball skills, game knowledge, and fitness.

Individuals will be given the opportunity to explore new levels of training through techniques and drills proven to increase personal and team success! Once BEACH system is mastered, elite groups of teams will be formed and entered to compete for scholarships, ratings and professional opportunities. Beach Ninja Volleyball Club is pleased to announce our Winter Beach Club program (Spring, Summer and Fall to follow)!


Beach Ninja Volleyball Club programs are led by Ty Tramblie

Ty is a current AVP professional and the Founder and Executive Director of Beach Ninja. He has been competing professionally on the beach and in indoor volleyball since 2004. 

Ty and his highly experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff have structured all beach programs to include: beach fundamentals, high repetition drills and a variety of games to promote learning and fun!